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Boss Truck One is a company focused on the elimination and management of both commercial and residential waste; our goal is to help. To people in the work of removing waste and unwanted items in a fast, easy and safe way that leads them to have a better quality of life and at the same time help the environment in the proper management of waste.

Our company was founded in 2022, being mainly a family business within Central Florida with a view to expanding throughout Florida, providing business and community solutions in waste management and unwanted inventories, facilitating the proper functioning of both companies and communities.

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Our junk removal service specializes in the removal of unwanted items and debris from residential and commercial properties. These services typically involve professionals coming to the location, assessing the items to be removed, and then transporting them to a suitable disposal facility.

The types of items that junk collection services can handle vary widely, but can include things like old furniture, appliances, electronics, yard waste, construction debris, and more. We can also offer additional services such as cleanup, demolition or recycling options.

Many of our junk removal services are charged based on the amount of space your items take up in our trailer, while for other services we may charge a flat fee based on the specific items being removed.

Prices may vary depending on the quantity and the location of the site where we are going to remove the junk, so it is important to have a lot of information on what biotar is required to be able to give you a more accurate quote.